Securing the funky boys.


This is a depiction of what "The Childman" looks like.


First seen: February 6th, 1995
Last seen: September 14th, 1999
  • No Teeth
  • Fake Eyeballs (Blind)
  • Tears victims apart
  • "His" victims only so far to be known between the ages of 9 to 11 years of age.
  • Seems to get less brutal with "his" victims over time.
  • Victims:

  • Charles S. Camwell: Born July 16th, 1984, Died February 14th, 1995. Only Nervous and Skeletal systems found in a pool of his own dried blood on the concrete base of a power line 20 miles away from the nearest city. By far the most earliest and brutal remains found.
  • Rachel L. Davis: Born August 2nd, 1985, Died December 15th, 1996. Head looks torn in half, skull cracked open, eyes and brain torn out. Body found in her pool.
  • Evan B. Smith: Born January 21st, 1988, Died June 8th, 1997. Body was found in a forest. Head and right leg torn off.
  • Tyler C. Miller: Born May 17th, 1986, Died September 1997. Legs and head were found in his shed, but all other limbs are missing.
  • Chris M. Jones: Born October 28th, 1988, Died April 19th, 1998. Only torso was found in his house. Other limbs nowhere to be seen.

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